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Natalia Pierandrei

Cornflower Fairy Copyright© 2002 Natalia Pierandrei

Name: natalia pierandrei

Nick: nati

Nationality: italian

Occupation: purring, drawing, drinking tea ...well, i have a *real* job, but it's not so interesting ...^^

Artistical background: self-taught

Experience: no professional one, yet. just some drawings and comics done for school magazines or fanzines. I mainly draw for my own enjoyment or for my friends.

I use: Pantone markers by Letraset and Comic Twins by Maxon, water soluble pencils (Caran D'Ache), technical pens MarsMagno by Staedtler, coloured inks (Winsor and Newton), soft pastels by Stabilo

Favourite artists: a. mucha, e.schiele, a. beardsley, g, klimt, l. lotto, 16th century italian painting, baltus, t. de lempicka, f. kahlo, k. nielsen, e. gorey, c. vess, b. froud, t. burton, s. tajima, t. kusanagi.

Quote: "don't judge a book by its cover"

Hobbies: drawing, reading, travelling, drawing never-ending comics, she's a computer addicted!

Natalia likes: cats, wine ^^, jazz, japan, sci-fi movies, marzipan, tea, tim burton's movies, cyclamens and hydrangeas, ghost stories, snow

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