Fairy flowers by Myrea Pettit & Natalia Pierandrei

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Fairy Flowers
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Rose Marian and
the Flower Fairies

Fairy flowers by Myrea Pettit & Natalia Pierandrei

A place where few can go or tell
Follow the stream to the fairy dell.
Wings of silken lace, help them rise,
Upon the breeze of perfumed skies,
And in the place where the wee ones play,
Are made the flowers and the sunbeam's ray.
Captured in the fairy cup,
Each dewdrop is to gently sup.

But you will know when elves invite
Your chance to see the fairy sight
For those who search for fairy ground
With good intention just and sound
Do not disturb this little place
Just look at the magic of their face
Their pointed ears and wings of lace
The fairies live quietly secure
Amongst themselves, in a World that's pure.
They know your mind, it won't deceive
A fairy if you don't believe!

Jo Riche
Copyright© 2002 http://www.fairypoems.com

Faery Flower Copyright© 2002 Natalia Pierandrei

Faery Flowers Copyright© 2002 Myrea Pettit
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