Flower Fairies By Myrea and Natalia

Primrose Flower Fairy Flower, fairies and fairy flowers from faeries illustrators Natalia Pierandrei and Myrea Pettit Cyclamen Flower Faeries
Ranunculus Flower Faery Wild Rose Fairy Flower

Flower Fairies and Fairy Flowers

Pictures and Illustrations of the World of Common and Wild Garden Flowers and the Art of Faery

Natalia and Myrea's interpretation of the world of flowers and faeries depicted in beautiful illustrations and drawings.
Information on a story from 1850 by Lydia Maria Child "Rose Marian and the Flower Fairies"
and details on "The Language of Flowers." Flowers and roses at FTD.com are available as a beautiful, tangible addition to the reading of one of our Flower Fairies poems.


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